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What does home taste like ?

At Continental Foods, we believe in local brands. Brands which are household names, whose tastes are comfortingly familiar, and whose smells have the power to transport you back in time, to a memorable meal or a comfortable kitchen.

In each of our markets, certain brands have a strong emotional legacy. Whether it’s Devos Lemmens in Belgium, Liebig in France, Erasco in Germany, or Blå Band in Sweden and Finland, these are products forged from passion, whose history is intertwined with where they come from.

We think preserving this legacy is a privilege. Our brand portfolio consists of market-leading products which continue to set the standard in their respective product categories, from soup and stocks, to bouillons, sauces, and dessert mixes. Continental Foods is determined to help each of these brands thrive, develop and grow – so that the taste of home remains as iconic as ever.