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Continental Foods Belgium opens a new production line in Puurs

€4 million investment will create 10% additional jobs in the factory as well as allowing for the production of 300 additional recipes.

Continental Foods has today opened a new production line in its Puurs factory. The producer of well-known food brands such as Devos Lemmens, Imperial and Lacroix stocks has invested €4 million into this expansion. The launch of the additional production lines will create a 10% increase in additional jobs in the Puurs factory, where the range of food produced will now be bolstered by 300 additional recipes. The opening was attended by Koen Van den Heuvel, mayor of the Puurs municipality where international company Continental Foods has its headquarters.

Continental Foods Belgium’s brands include Devos Lemmens, Liebig Délisoup’, Royco, Aiki, Imperial, Lacroix stocks, Liebig Bouillon, OXO, V8 and Main Bleue. Continental Foods Belgium is part of European company Continental Foods, whose activities span Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Continental Foods’ portfolio of local brands includes soups, stocks, bouillons, sauces and dessert mixes.

With this €4 million investment in increased production capacities, Continental Foods has asserted its ambitions for the Belgian and European markets. The new production lines will allow for a 40% increase in annual production at Puurs. This will then allow for the hiring of 15 additional personnel in Puurs, which equates to an increase in current factory employees of 10%.

“Thanks to the additional productions lines, Continental Foods Belgium in Puurs can now produce 300 additional recipes on top of the products already being produced in Belgium. This means we can export significantly more”, explained Pascal Van Laere, Managing Director of Continental Foods Belgium. “We intend to invest further in our Puurs production facility. I would like to thank our personnel and external partners for the excellent work they completed in order to realize this project in such a short timeframe.”

“Continental Food Belgium’s investment is a sign of confidence in the future” declared Koen Van den Heuvel, mayor of Puurs. “The new production lines reinforce Continental Foods Belgium’s position within international company Continental Foods. This investment also anchors the company in our community and our region for years to come. As mayor, I am proud that historic brands such as Devos Lemmens and Imperial are being produced in Puurs.”