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Our heritage

Many Continental Foods products have been family favourites for more than a few generations.  In fact, Europeans have been enjoying our brands for over 100 years. That’s over a century of producing warming winter soups, lively sauces and stocks, and sweet treat dessert mixes, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Over time, we’ve expanded on our passion for great-tasting food products. But the journey all started with a few individual families, whose own love of good food still shines through today…



Establishment of Liebig Meat Extract Company Ltd in Courneuve, France


Foundation of the German company – the former F. Vorbeck GmbH & Co. in Luebeck


Henri Devos establishes a small canned goods factory in Belgium, making gherkins and pickles. He later marries Elisabeth Lemmens. The start of the Devos Lemmens brand



Gustav Bong starts his vegetable canning company in Ystad, Sweden


Jeanne Verelst, a shopkeeper and wife of coffee manufacturer John Fernand Collin, creates the first recipe for powdered pudding, which is highly successful. A year later, it’s being sold in shops.


Devos Lemmens starts producing mayonnaise, which soon becomes their most famous offering.


French chef Eugène Lacroix begins a business selling quality sauces and stocks to restaurants in Frankfurt.


Mr. Collin sets up Imperial, to concentrate on the production of powdered puddings.


The Blå Band brand launches in Sweden


The American multinational Campbell Soup Company starts acquiring the business of Devos Lemmens, Liebig and Erasco


The company acquires Royco. The brand launched in France in 1952


Campbell Europe is acquired by CVC Capital Partners and the independent European company changes its name to Continental Foods.