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Staying close to you

Europe is defined by diversity. Every country and region has a unique set of traditions, rich in heritage and culture. The same applies to the dizzying (and appetizing) array of cuisines the continent has to offer.  As champions of local brands, we know what makes different European tastebuds tingle. And we use this know-how to make our products even more mouth-watering for consumers.

Tapping into local tastes actually began for us over 100 years ago. Each of our brands started life as a family business built on passion, entrepreneurship, and local knowledge. These values are still at the heart of our workforce. Today, local Continental Foods employees play a central role in shaping product development and marketing campaigns. They feed in local consumer research to make sure we truly are meeting local needs. And they tailor recipes to meet unique local tastes, whilst also tapping into the latest culinary trends.

In order to ensure the ongoing success of our local brands, we’re committed to rewarding loyalty. We’re proud of the fact that the emotional legacy of our brands mean they are consumers’ preferred choice – and we’re continuously improving and expanding our offering to keep it that way. We provide our local retail customers with taste experiences and meal innovations tailored to meet their local consumers’ desires, and we make sure these make it to market quickly and efficiently.


Consumer needs and expectations are evolving every day. And while we are strongly committed to maintaining the traditional values of our products, we want to be able to meet these changing consumer needs with fresh, exciting and contemporary innovations, which place taste, nutritional value and convenience front and centre. In order to evolve our existing product portfolio, all Continental Foods employees are invited to think about opportunities for innovation and to share their ideas with management, alongside customer and consumer feedback.

In today’s world, it is also vital to consider the impact of technology and consumer behaviour when developing new products. This can provide a source of inspiration when devising new concepts such as our range of fresh soups. This innovation arose from the awareness that consumers trust Continental Foods’ local brands to perform as well in the category of fresh/chilled ready meals as they do the area of shelf stable/ambient products.