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Who we are

It’s all in the name – Continental Foods. As one of Europe’s leading food companies, we’re a company happily at home across the continent, with our headquarters in Puurs, Belgium, and operations in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, and Sweden.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten where we come from. The brands we bring together are awash with local history and heritage. Some of them have been in our kitchen cupboards for over 100 years, bringing comfort and convenience to generations. We think that’s a legacy worth cherishing.

Even as we celebrate the past, we’re embracing the future. We’re committed to working together with trust and respect, adapting quickly to new challenges and opportunities, and striving for success in everything we do. These are the values we live by every day. This is how we deliver fresh yet familiar taste experiences for our consumers. And this is how we will ensure that our local brands thrive for generations and geographies to come.

We’re proud of where we’ve come from and we’re excited about where we are going. Yet no matter how far and fast we go, we’ll always taste like home. That’s our Continental Foods promise.