Culinary chef

I developed my expertise as a chef in my native region of Burgundy, France. Then I went on to explore the flavours and culture of Provence... I think such discoveries are essential to broaden your experience and develop new recipes!

A good soup should be one that is loved by everyone. My challenge as a chef within Continental Foods’ Quality and Development department is to develop recipes for the whole family, which delight both parents and children. And as a father myself, I know that it’s not always easy to get your children to eat vegetables! So my secret is to include their favourite ingredients and create very soft textures which will help them love vegetables.

That’s why I created the Kiri® pumpkin soup: tasty Kiri® combined with the velvety texture of pumpkin makes for a real treat! I’m still not sure whether soup makes children grow, but in any case, they always ask for more...